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O2 Xda Exec (HTC Universal) Pocket PC Phone Edition

  • Excerpt: After a week with my first HTC Universal model it seems like an interesting professional device.
  • Cons: Feels slow when compared with previous Windows Mobile devices
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Audiovox Thera Pocket PC

  • Excerpt: Geekzone tested an Audiovox Thera Pocket PC Phone Edition connected to the Telecom New Zealand CDMA network.
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Sony Ericsson K700i

  • Excerpt: For a feature phone, this Sony Ericsson model comes with everything - including FM radio and PC remote control.
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HTC Falcon (Audiovox PPC 5050) Pocket PC Phone Edition CDMA

  • Excerpt: We review the next Pocket PC Phone Edition for Telecom New Zealand's CDMA network, and it's a cool device.
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Smartphone: HTC Wildfire S

New Zealand PC World
  • Summary: This has the makings of a great pocketable smartphone, with solid construction and good features.
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