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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 Duos / SM-N950FD

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Best Price: $671

  • User Score (2938)
    9.1 9.1 from 2938 reviewers
  • Expert Score (105)
    8.9 8.9 from 105 reviewers
  • Design (127)
    9.5 9.5 from 127 reviewers
  • Value for money (127)
    9.1 9.1 from 127 reviewers
  • Features (2)
    9.9 9.9 from 2 reviewers
  • Ease of use (17)
    9.2 9.2 from 17 reviewers
  • Performance (101)
    9.4 9.4 from 101 reviewers
  • Sound quality (22)
    10 10 from 22 reviewers
  • Picture quality (16)
    9.5 9.5 from 16 reviewers
  • Reliability (23)
    9.1 9.1 from 23 reviewers
  • Battery performance (36)
    9.7 9.7 from 36 reviewers
  • Display (35)
    10 10 from 35 reviewers
  • Functionality (8)
    10 10 from 8 reviewers
  • Build quality (35)
    10 10 from 35 reviewers
  • Camera (21)
    10 10 from 21 reviewers
  • Specifications (100)
    9.4 9.4 from 100 reviewers
  • Multimedia (20)
    10 10 from 20 reviewers
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  1. Gadget Guy

    Gadget Guy
    11 September 2017

    Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 (GN8) stands alone as the only flagship smartphone with ‘everything’ including its trademark S Pen stylus, which offers a very convenient and useful handwriting interface. Ray Shaw [email protected] has a passion for IT ever since building his first computer in 1980. Read more

    • A galactic overachiever! Great dual lens camera, S-Pen, gorgeous 6.2in display and more.
    • Quite long, only a down-firing mono speaker, pricey
  2. Tech Guide

    Tech Guide
    6 September 2017

    The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a remarkable phone with a big screen, big capabilities and big features and suitable for the power user who wants to work hard, play hard and enjoy content in its highest quality anywhere. It will certainly make the issues with the Note7 seem like a distant memory. Read more

    • Nice design, large Infinity Display, S Pen, Live Messaging, excellent camera, expandable memory, water resistant, good battery life, amazing performance, Samsung Dex.
    • Sensitive edge of Infinity Display, fingerprint reader not centred on the rear panel, screen flatters images.
  3. Ausdroid

    18 October 2017

    If you have the money to purchase it outright, or even get it on contract you should, because the Note 8 is one of the best handsets you’ll find at the moment. There’s some drawbacks with the Note 8, it’s an excellent quality handset but you’ll find pretty much all this (minus the dual-camera and S... Read more

  4. Bit.au

    8 September 2017

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has finally arrived, and with it confirmation that Samsung has shaken off the Galaxy Note 7 's disastrous launch last year. The new Note 8 comes out swinging with a big, beautiful screen, meaty internal hardware and a sleek, professional design. Read more

  5. Craving Tech

    Craving Tech
    3 November 2017

    Does the main things right on a smartphone, plus extras Read more

  • User Reviews

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note8 - Gold

    The Good Guys
    Reviewer: PRAVESH, The Good Guys
    31 August 2018

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    • Except Note 9, the features Note 8 accomodates non of the phone in market provides. S pen allows versatility in user experience. The only down side is battery, rest of the features including design are awesome built. Also, I don't see problem with the fingerprint location.
    • The only down side is battery.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note8 - Gold

    The Good Guys
    Reviewer: TIM, The Good Guys
    27 August 2018

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    • Speed, quality of screen and photos, dual camera allowing blurred background with ease and intuitive menu. Great device no doubt about it. Best out there at the moment.
    • It is a tall phone and will take some getting use to if you have small hands. Not a reason not to buy because all large phones are like this now. Curved edge is also hard to get used to.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note8 - Black

    The Good Guys
    Reviewer: Confirmed purchaser, The Good Guys
    4 weeks ago

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    • Design, slim & sleek. Camera is really great, biometrics are quick to respond.
    • Having issue with battery as it goes down very quickly. So I turn on power mode untill i figured out what is chewing battery life. Rest is all good
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note8 - Black

    The Good Guys
    Reviewer: MICHAEL, The Good Guys
    15 April 2018

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    • Honestly, not much, it struggled to do any of the things I wanted to do with it in any meaning ful way.
    • Over the top bloat ware as per usualy with Samsung, was hoping this one would be different but nope. Samsung feel the need to shove infinite things in your face, half of which are poorly done. Sold it after a week and went back to my Pixel, gonna wait until the Pixel 3 comes in October.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note8 - Black

    The Good Guys
    Reviewer: NATH, The Good Guys
    10 April 2018

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    • - Stylus - Interface - Fast and snappy - Always on Display - Camera - One of the best phone manufactures in the business - Headphone jack
    • - Curved Display, useless, cannot fit most screen protectors - Bixbi button, Bixbyi is at its infant stage. no need a dedicated button for it - Finger print sensor location - Dual camera orientation (I would've preferred it to be vertical) - Battery life could be better
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