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Pokemon Black Version 2 review

  • Summary: Pokemon Black/White Version 2 is the best edition of the longstanding handheld series to date, but developer Game Freak sorely needs to bring its online functionality into this decade.
  • Pros: More detailed world. Huge volume of content. Achievements at least reward more mundane tasks.
  • Cons: Three-way battles still feel superfluous. Online components hardly realised.
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Korg DS 10 Synthesizer review

  • Excerpt: The Korg DS-10 synthesizer can't rightfully be called a game, it's much more than that. Anyone with even a passing interest in music and a DS should put this on their list.
  • Pros: Fantastic feature list. Easy to pick up, even if you're a novice. Wicked networking abilities. You can create professional music in minutes.
  • Cons: One-bar pattens. No MIDI integration.
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Super Scribblenauts review

  • Excerpt: Super Scribblenauts isn't so much a sequel as a successor to 5th Cell's innovative DS game. Adjectives allow for more creative solutions to puzzles and a tidier interface make for an superior experience, but one that players of the original may feel too familiar with.
  • Pros: Adjectives significantly expand the creative license of the original. All new puzzles are more varied and deep. A better interface.
  • Cons: The onscreen keyboard is pokey and the character recognition is laughable.
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Sight Training review

  • Excerpt: Falls short of the standard set by Brain Training, which wasn't exactly set very high.
  • Pros: Some of the sports games are quirky, some of the core tests will elicit a giggle. May possibly benefit your sight.
  • Cons: Unlikely to benefit your sight, tests are repetitive and restrictive, instructions are obtrusive and tips are unnecessary.
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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars review

  • Excerpt: Rockstar's epic franchise gets another round on the PSP, arguably the portable platform it was best suited for in the first place. There are a number of enhancements over the DS release, but it's not all good news as some of the minigames have been lost in translation.
  • Pros: The game oozes style and has thick lashings of dark humour. Fantastic lighting and detail on the bright PSP screen
  • Cons: Some minigames lose their appeal without the stylus. Short but frequent loading times off the disc.
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