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Panasonic Blu-Ray DVB-T DMR-BW850 review, Yamaha DVD-S657 and Pioneer DV-686, Yamaha DVD-S2300 See newest reviews

Panasonic Blu-Ray DVB-T DMR-BW850

  • Excerpt: A beautiful Freeview receiver, lots of features, Blu-Ray recording capabilities - and still missing just the last one thing.
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Yamaha DVD-S657 and Pioneer DV-686

  • Excerpt: This month we continue our odyssey amongst universal disc players and look at the other end of the market; the new Yamaha DVD-S657 and Pioneer’s successor to the very popular
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Yamaha DVD-S2300

  • Excerpt: From the outside the Yamaha looks like any other DVD player, finished in black with all the basic controls out front, compete with a display featuring garish DVD and SACD indicators that light up like the neon under a boyracer’s car.
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