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Wireless headphones: Sennheiser RS 220

New Zealand PC World
  • Summary: Five-star sound quality dragged down by limited range and niche appeal.
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Gaming headset: Sennheiser PC 360

New Zealand PC World
  • Summary: Sennheiser's PC 360 headset is expensive, but you'll get all-round high quality.
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Gaming headset: Tritton AX 720

New Zealand PC World
  • Summary: Comfortable and high-quality, but the cords make a bit of a mess.
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Philips Stretch

  • Excerpt: What happens when you mix together sound technology, surf-inspired design, and a material that's six times more resistant than that used in headphones? The Philips Stretch is what happens.
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Xbox 360 headset: Turtle Beach X42

New Zealand PC World
  • Summary: Good audio quality and immunity to interference, but priced high and reliant on disposable batteries.
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