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Gone North Games A Story About My Uncle

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  • Conclusion: It's worth keeping in mind that this is a debut title made by a development team of nine people. It's a solid effort and a strong start, and that's definitely worth celebrating. It just probably isn't worth your money.
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Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization

  • Excerpt: In the tradition of the original Colonization from 1994, this remake takes the current Civilization engine, and refines it to concentrate specifically on the European colonisation of the Americas.
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Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • Excerpt: Getting delayed can often times mean a death sentence for a game, the hype dies down, people look else where for their fix. Battlefield’s move back to releasing this week was either due to the developer needing more time or EA deciding that they might prefer to avoid going head to head against MW2.
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  • Excerpt: Even a hardened player of MMORPGs might well be reluctant to dig into a game like Aion. For one, it’s Korean. The stereotype speaks for itself; many hours of hard grinding, incomprehensible plotlines, and incredibly adept multiplayer opponents. For the dedicated, it can become a way of life.
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Third-person shooter: Dead Space 3

New Zealand PC World
  • Summary: It's not horror, but it is a quality shooter with excellent level design and engaging gameplay.
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