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LittleBigPlanet Karting review

  • Summary: LittleBigPlanet Karting is a curious thing: a solid mash-up that adds up to less than the sum of its parts. Given that one of those parts is United Front Games’ own endlessly tweakable and quite excellent kart title ModNation Racers, players will be left wondering why exactly this game exists.
  • Pros: Very impressive customisation options. Great editor. Battle arenas.
  • Cons: Huge balance issues, particularly in singleplayer. Feels like a diluted repackaging of ideas.
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Asura's Wrath review

  • Excerpt: Asura's Wrath attempts to tell a serious story with a minimum of player involvement. This may suit some dyed-in-the-wool JRPG fans, but it's unlikely to impress those wishing to dive in and soak up the action.
  • Pros: Story, artistic style and direction, and the musical score. Enjoyable action gameplay when allowed.
  • Cons: Thin on actual gameplay. Pacing, price and replay value will likely put players off.
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No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise review

  • Excerpt: Konami has taken a risk porting a Wii title over to HD consoles. We take a look at the result on the PlayStation 3.
  • Pros: Absolutely bananas dialogue. Good doses of humour throughout. Some Move support. Playful tone. More bosses than Wii version.
  • Cons: Looks dated, even in HD. Santa Destroy is not only unnecessary but broken. Mandatory minigames bring the game to an absolute standstill. Zero replayability.
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Sound Shapes review

  • Summary: Adding rhythm to platforming, and boasting a roster of talented musicians, the experimental Sound Shapes is a title not to be missed.
  • Pros: Solid controls. Great musicians. Clever design, and an inspired spin on the traditional platformer.
  • Cons: Appeal may be short-lived for those who don't want to create their own levels, or sift though levels created by other players.
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Deadpool review

  • Summary: Deadpool will be well-received by Marvel comics fans, but a lack of mechanical depth holds the game back.
  • Pros: Strong humour, diverse upgrade tree, excellent sense of locality within the Marvel universe.
  • Cons: Gameplay can border on generic. Your mileage with the humour may vary.
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