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Prototype review

  • Excerpt: Prototype is a carefully constructed action title with one of the best stories we've seen this year. Despite a couple of minor faults, the gameplay is fast and fluid, and the characters presented are compelling enough to make you care. Fans of the superhero genre should definitely take a look.
  • Pros: Fantastic storyline, excellent gameplay, awesome superpowers.
  • Cons: No real side missions, lack of longevity, no multiplayer, occasionally drab graphics.
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Puppeteer review

  • Summary: Puppeteer is a delightful platformer whose attractive patchwork visuals and fairytale-style story are complemented by great voice acting, clever presentation, and a neat gameplay twist.
  • Pros: A great scissors mechanic. The story grabs tightly and doesn’t let go. Excellent voice acting. Visually stunning. Loads of unlockables.
  • Cons: Cutscenes are go-away-and-make-a-cup-of-tea long. The combat and gameplay will become a little repetitive for adult gamers.
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Pure Football review

  • Excerpt: Ubisoft may have been overly optimistic with their chances of entering the arcade football market. The concept of Pure Football is solid, but ultimately it needed a lot more work prior to release.
  • Pros: Arcade fans will get their fix, for a short time at least.
  • Cons: Bad graphics, terrible audio, defender controls are frustrating at times, doesn't appear to have much of an online community. It's just not as exciting as an underground football title should be.
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Burnout Paradise

  • Excerpt: Burnout Paradise flat spins the Burnout franchise in an entirely new direction, creating a huge open world named Paradise City. Paradise City is a fictional American location consisting of mountain ranges, a beach and a harbour town.
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Need For Speed: The Run review

  • Excerpt: The Need for Speed franchise seems to be faltering in the face of stern competition. The Run isn't the worst racer out there, but struggles to find cohesion and may cause many fans to look elsewhere for a high-octane fix.
  • Pros: Vehicle physics are admirable. Good variation in terrain, powered by the extremely capable Frostbite 2.0 engine. Autolog functionality is as good as ever.
  • Cons: Largely irrelevant story. Questionable AI. Quick Time Events have no place here. An overall lack of polish, particularly evident in checkpoint locations and vehicle positioning.
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