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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Review

  • Summary: Have you wanted to play Valkyria Chronicles again? Without actually playing the exact same Valkyria Chronicles again? But still have it exactly the same? But still different?
  • Pros: The same stuff you know and love.
  • Cons: The same stuff you know and love.
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F1 2017 review

  • Excerpt: Tim climbs in the cockpit for another lap of F1 from Codemasters.
  • Pros: Classic cars are back! The 2017 cars are great fun to drive. Career Mode is even meatier than before.
  • Cons: The usual penalty and corner-cutting woes.
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind review

  • Summary: Morrowind is a capable add-on to an MMO that's a leader in story and questing, and is only improving with age.
  • Pros: Plenty of memorable quests and characters. Noob friendly. Seamless grouping is a triumph. Nails that epic Elder Scrolls feel.
  • Cons: Animation is clunky. Lack of minimap and quest glitches can be frustrating. You encounter hordes of other players in odd places.
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WWE 2K18 review

  • Summary: WWE 2K18 is in desperate need of an overhaul. It's an entertaining game in WWE Universe mode, but most else is beyond retirement age, and many complaints fans have had for years have not been addressed.
  • Pros: Improved visuals. Biggest roster seen to date. A creation suite that is still one of the best in the business.
  • Cons: Its fighting system is beyond stale. MyCareer is a tedious grind with poor writing. Loot boxes are an unwelcome addition. Long load times. Various glitches and AI issues. My god, the commentary.
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Knack 2 review

  • Summary: Knack 2 makes better use of its protagonist's abilities – and like any good sequel, throws a few more into the mix – but there isn't much story to support the revamped gameplay. Even so, excellent sound and level design get Knack over the line.
  • Pros: Great level design. Clever integration of Knack’s character mechanic into the game's design. Updated combat is welcome. Great sound design.
  • Cons: Story is contrived and can feel tacked on. Too many bells and whistle crowd out the core gameplay that made the original so popular.
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