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Project Cars 2 review

  • Summary: Project Cars 2 makes a passionate play for the enthusiast end of the racing sim market. A wheel is damn near mandatory, but the gameplay rewards are huge – when spotty AI and bugs aren't confounding things, that is.
  • Pros: A through-and-through simulation of motorsport. Amazingly realistic handling model brings uniqueness to every vehicle. Weather that not only looks pretty but impacts the cars and tracks significantly. Impressive track roster.
  • Cons: AI difficulty is a complete crapshoot. Bugs, and lots of them.
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Prey review

  • Summary: Prey 's systems collide delightfully as the player moves through its magnificently designed interiors, and the stories within are also something extraordinary. Hunt it down with haste.
  • Pros: Exceptional world-building and level design. An excellent, isolating electronic soundtrack. A large cast of side characters that make Talos I feel lived-in.
  • Cons: Players looking for combat as deep as that found in Dishonored will be disappointed.
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Knack review

  • Summary: Knack is not at all indicative of the PlayStation 4's potential. The gameplay and the storytelling are banal even by last-gen standards.
  • Pros: Knack's character model alludes to the system's power.
  • Cons: Flat characterisation. Simple, uninspiring combat. Fails to capitalise on the handful of interesting ideas scattered throughout.
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WWE 2K18 review

  • Summary: WWE 2K18 is in desperate need of an overhaul. It's an entertaining game in WWE Universe mode, but most else is beyond retirement age, and many complaints fans have had for years have not been addressed.
  • Pros: Improved visuals. Biggest roster seen to date. A creation suite that is still one of the best in the business.
  • Cons: Its fighting system is beyond stale. MyCareer is a tedious grind with poor writing. Loot boxes are an unwelcome addition. Long load times. Various glitches and AI issues. My god, the commentary.
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Sniper Elite 4 review

  • Summary: Sniper Elite 4 improves all areas of the franchise to a greater or lesser extent, and its protagonist remains the only real weak spot.
  • Pros: Better close quarters combat. Massive levels with beautiful vistas. Expanded multiplayer includes an excellent co-op horde mode. Improved stealth.
  • Cons: Derivative storyline. Bland protagonist.
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