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Days Gone

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  1. Gameplanet

    26 April 2019

    Days Gone is an ambitious new IP that borrows heavily from its influences. It still maintains its own identity and features some genuinely fun gameplay. It's unfortunately held back by countless technical issues, but if you're willing to tolerate these, the moment to moment gameplay is enjoyable. Read more

    • Absolutely gorgeous at times. Pitch-perfect combat. Enjoyable, if at times predictable story. Mostly excellent voice acting performances. Battling the horde is intense and exhilarating. Filled with tense moments. Excellent world building. Great score.
    • So many technical issues. Choppy frame rate. Frequent pop in and bad texture loading. Lots of loading. Nothing revolutionary. No HUD options. Typical open-world bugs and structure. Dull collectibles. Feels a bit generic. Will feel very repetitive to some. If you're not a zombie fan, it definitely...
  2. Press-Start

    25 April 2019

    Days Gone is a fine addition to the evergrowing list of first-party Sony exclusives. Does it have the shine and polish comparable to Naughty Dog's best works? No, but it delivers a dense and beautiful open world that proves that there's perhaps a little bit of elbow room left for zombies in gaming,... Read more

    • Great Mission Delivery, Story Works Into A Nice Rhythm, Riding Around Feels Great, Believable World
    • Dialogue Can Often Be Hammy, Frustrating Load Times, Save System Is Rather Daft, Gunplay Is Fairly Clunky
  3. GamingTrend

    25 April 2019

    Days Gone features some potentially interesting community-building mechanics and the appeal of a bikers vs. zombies game is hard to ignore, but it never lets its best ideas take center stage. Instead, it focuses on lackluster combat and a repetitive set of missions. Read more

    • Outrunning hordes on your motorcycle is fun, Camp trust and credits are interesting, if underdeveloped, concepts
    • Lackluster combat, Strange mission structure and repetitive side quests destroy the game’s pace, Riddled with minor bugs and a few major ones
  4. AusGamers

    26 April 2019

    The problem with Days Gone is that it sells itself on three things: open-world, as we’ve already touched on, a game that is capable of rendering hundreds of Freakers and something with a different spin on the genre. Only one of these things is true. Read more

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  1. "Truly amazing game"

    Mighty Ape
    Reviewer: stephen, Mighty Ape
    8 May 2019

    Waited a long time for this game to come out and it hasn't disappointed. The story sucks you in and the action keeps the heart pumping. The packs of zombies in this game just over whelmed you, just run. Read more

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