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Buzz! Junior Robojam review

  • Excerpt: If you have a collection of Buzz! games already then you can mix between general knowledge and just some general playtime with the addition of this title. Or, if you are just after something fun for the family, this would probably do the trick.
  • Pros: Builds on the same model all Buzz games have: it's simple, easy to use and great for gatherings of family and friends.
  • Cons: Instructions for each round need to stay on for a set period before they disappear or can be skipped. People who have played before can easily skip the instructions and have an upper hand during play.
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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles review

  • Excerpt: The game is worth a play for the diehard Naruto fan who wants further adventures of the characters, but proves an unrewarding experience for everyone else.
  • Pros: The game has an easy to use combat system and the ninja powers are fun to play with. The appearance of many familiar characters from the TV show gives a real sense of immersion in the Naruto series. The stats system gives a unique way of levelling up that rewards experimentation.
  • Cons: The random battles and the non-essential missions get repetitive and boring, and that isn't helped by the bad enemy AI. The lack of explorable areas means the game gets quite old quickly, and there is very little replay value in the game.
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SingStar Party review

  • Excerpt: Another worthwhile addition to the SingStar collection that is bound to be a hit at any party, and with the kids.
  • Pros: Good fun with group appeal...the more, the merrier.
  • Cons: Questionable choice of a couple of the tracks and limited single player appeal.
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Rogue Galaxy review

  • Excerpt: An interesting space pirate adventure, which does include a ship fully equipped with sails, a control room and a bar on the deck. It not a great game, but not one to write off either if you are a keen RPG fan or wish to explore the vast planets to uncover more than just the mystery of the galaxy.
  • Pros: The 3D design and amount of detail gone into Rogue Galaxy looks great. It defiantly holds its own in this respect and most PS2 games today would be hard pressed to match the quality displayed for this RPG adventure.
  • Cons: Starts off with a hiss and roar, but then gradually tapers off to a point where some parts seem to be a regurgitation of a few other levels passed.
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SingStar Legends review

  • Excerpt: This one’s for the serious karaoke enthusiast, or for anyone brave enough not to care what they sound like. With the silly season upon us, there should be no shortage of takers!
  • Pros: Some truly great tracks to try, and this time there’s a full complement of 30.
  • Cons: No new features, no Kiwi material, plus most of the tracks may prove too difficult for the casual player.
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