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Sid Meier's Pirates! review

  • Excerpt: It’s been seen on more screens than Rhys Darby, but has Sid Meier’s Pirates! grown tired and overstayed its welcome? Unlike the comedy of Rhys Darby…no, no it hasn’t.
  • Pros: It has pirates – and who doesn’t love pirates? Well presented and the Wii does a good job of recreating six-year-old graphics.
  • Cons: The motion controls just don’t work the way they should. Just let me use my Classic Controller please…please!
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Buzz! Master Quiz review

  • Excerpt: The developers at Relentless Software have put a huge effort into ensuring the franchise gets a worthy portable version. It isn't going to set the world on fire, but as far as hand-held quiz shows go, this has to be at the top of the list.
  • Pros: Gameplay variety. Brilliant animation. Excellent value for money considering the time you can invest simply getting trophies.
  • Cons: Lack of complexity compared with the full console version. Will always feel like a cut-down copy of something better, which ultimately means it just can't get near the very best titles available for the PSP currently.
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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite review

  • Excerpt: Monster hunter Freedom Unite lays the foundations for more small-scale MMORPG games and proves that they can be done successfully with handheld consoles while still remaining action orientated to appeal to hack & slash fans.
  • Pros: The multiplayer content stretches the title and adds immense variety to an already deep game.
  • Cons: There’s a lot of dialogue and time spent in menus if you play the game correctly, so Unite is not for the impatient. Playing it solo will start off fun but before long you’ll realise it’s an exercise in futility.
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Resistance: Retribution review

  • Excerpt: Sony Bend have created a portable version of Resistance that has all the negatives of the franchise with hardly any of the positives.
  • Pros: A wealth of gameplay here, lots to unlock. Graphics are adequate, and the sound effects are appropriate and believable.
  • Cons: Poor story. Control choices have created a fairly boring game. There are other options, but that causes new issues that take the game from being too easy to too frustrating.
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Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins review

  • Excerpt: Crammed with fast-paced and challenging gameplay, new foes, items, moves and power-ups, this is a must get for serious platform fans. Retro gamers who enjoyed the original arcade versions will also get a genuine kick out of it.
  • Pros: Familiar characters, storyline and side-scrolling format combine with responsive controls, extra features and gorgeous, quasi-3D graphics to make for a happy marriage of old and new.
  • Cons: Following in the proud tradition of its predecessors, the game is fiendishly difficult, with a dozen gruesome deaths awaiting Arthur at every turn. If you're after an easy-beat platform game, this isn't it!
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