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Mirror's Edge Catalyst review

  • Summary: Mirror's Edge Catalyst brings back a welcome second portion of high-speed free-running in a beautifully gleaming setting, but its concessions to modern AAA game design bloat let it down.
  • Pros: Fantastic art and level design makes Glass a pleasure to run around. Highly polished parkour system. Combat works well in hit-and-run encounters. Plenty for explorers and competitive gamers. Puzzle-platform rooms are neat.
  • Cons: Character progression system is pointless. Story predictable and humourless. Combat doesn’t work in stand-and-fight situations, which are too common. Side missions and activities are awfully samey.
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Below Review

  • Summary: Below is a solid and well-designed game that will challenge every level of gamer. Steeped in mystery, fans of Roguelike dungeon exploring will feel right at home in this subterranean adventure.
  • Pros: Detailed and unique visual style. Ethereal and haunting soundtrack. Randomly generated levels give great replay value. Enormous in scale, there is a lot of content to explore
  • Cons: Combat can be repetitive at times. Harsh penalties for dying can be frustrating. Storyline and "purpose" is a bit lacking.
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EA Sports UFC 2 review

  • Summary: UFC 2 is hard to get into and not as rewarding to play as it should be, but its smart system design, presentation, and generous helping of content should keep UFC fans occupied – provided they make it through a gruelling training camp first.
  • Pros: A wealth of moves and modes. Smart grappling mechanics. Ultimate Team is excellent. Joe Rogan cheat code!
  • Cons: Feels a little sluggish, and a bit lifeless. Brutally steep learning curve. Some training mini-games are confounding.
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Crimson Dragon review

  • Summary: Despite some quality visual design, Crimson Dragon is a rough-shod, clumsy experience that yields little gameplay depth or variety and frequently threatens to nickel-and-dime players.
  • Pros: Some great creature design. Boss encounters are grand in scale and bring much-needed variety to the gameplay. Antiviral story is intriguing. Sometimes, the mechanics make for a soaring experience.
  • Cons: Story is not told well. Most missions are repetitive. Sluggish movement and camera response. Previous-generation graphics. Microtransactions and grinding are unpleasant.
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Halo 5: Guardians review

  • Summary: Halo 5: Guardians is Halo evolved. The campaign ends with a whimper but is great until that point, and Warzone ably expands the series' peerless multiplayer.
  • Pros: Everything looks and sounds great. Gameplay refinements, particularly slide/evade, permanent sprint ability and iron sights, are all a positive. Some more expansive campaign level design for the series is good to see. Sneaking up behind a grunt and uppercutting him squealing over a thousand-foot ...
  • Cons: Some flat, uninteresting characters. Campaign tells an incomplete story, with some wheel-spinning/padding and repetition. Companion AI occasionally lets the side down., Copping an earful of abuse from some fun-detonating troglodyte still an occasional hazard.
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