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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One (Game Preview) review

  • Summary: PUBG on Xbox is a shambles, but I utterly adore it. It's strategic, messy, strange, and hilarious. Consider this a hearty recommendation delivered with several huge caveats.
  • Pros: Tense, strategic, rewarding play. Even better in a duo or squad. Oceanic servers. A huge playerbase means you never wait for a game.
  • Cons: The framerate varies wildly and sometimes drops precipitously. Runs worse on vanilla Xbox. Crashes frequently. Very obviously still in active development.
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Killer Instinct review

  • Summary: Killer Instinct is shaping up well and that's the problem – this isn't a full game by any stretch of the imagination. Still, what is here shows that Double Helix will likely do the series proud with an update that is at once reverential and forward-thinking.
  • Pros: The series' brutal, combo-driven gameplay has been given a nice update. An intriguing new character. The narrator is still hilarious. Great netcode.
  • Cons: No lobbies yet. Only six characters at the moment. No campaign mode yet.
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Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • Summary: The Master Chief Collection is a dazzling package, but the current issues around its online modes prevent us from issuing an unequivocal recommendation for the time being.
  • Pros: Incomparable value. Nostalgia overload. Classic gameplay holds up admirably. Comprehensive customisation options result in some surprising variety.
  • Cons: There's very little that's new here for many players. Some of the content that's on offer may feel a touch archaic.
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State of Decay Year One Survival Edition review

  • Summary: State of Decay is a fun romp and so is this new-gen re-release. The lack of meaningful changes make it hard to recommend to those that own the older version, but everyone else should dive head-first into its zombie catastrophe scenarios.
  • Pros: A tough, systemically well-realised apocalypse sim that can creates thrilling gameplay moments. Bundled DLC adds plenty more gameplay value.
  • Cons: Good systems let down a bit by presentation and a host of minor technical issues and bugs. Feels like a missed opportunity to properly improve the original release.
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Powerstar Golf review

  • Summary: PowerStar Golf doesn’t reinvent the golf-game wheel, but it’s a pleasant, laid-back diversion with a fun design sense and great camera controls that outweigh its relatively inoffensive microtransaction system.
  • Pros: Intuitive controls. Relaxed gameplay. Colourful, bright design of characters and environments. The jolliest commentator in sports gaming.
  • Cons: Requires grinding or micro transactions to unlock certain characters and items. No major innovations to the golf-sim mechanic. Could do with more superpowers.
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