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Peggle review

  • Excerpt: Peggle is a colourful, highly addictive puzzle style game that the whole family will absolutely love. The online multiplayer modes make it that much better, and it's a worthy investment for anyone who wants something a bit simpler to wind down with.
  • Pros: Colourful graphic style, addictive gameplay and fast paced multiplayer.
  • Cons: No new levels in here, though the promise of DLC may rectify this.
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Puzzle Arcade review

  • Excerpt: A puzzle game (in the traditional jigsaw sense) for the XBLA. Good work on the controls and on the board, but the virtual media is simply not suited to such a game style. After a larger puzzle your eyes will hurt from the strain of peering at the screen, and the fun seems to have been lost.
  • Pros: Good controls. Crisp graphics.
  • Cons: Not that much fun. Will leave your eyes sore.
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Lord of the Rings: Conquest review

  • Excerpt: Whilst often frustrating and lacking in complexity, Lord of the Rings: Conquest still has a limited appeal for die-hard fans. For everyone else, it's a real disappointment.
  • Pros: Well balanced classes for multiplayer fun. Definitely captures the Lord of the Rings feel. Great music. Backstabbing as a scout is pretty satisfying when you can get it to work. Killing Hobbits. If you liked the Star Wars: Battlefront games, you'll like this.
  • Cons: Poor graphics. repetitive gameplay. Frustrating single-player, filled with cheap deaths.
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SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection review

  • Excerpt: Genius in its simplicity, this collection will allow you to revisit your favourite titles from yesteryear - albeit with a few notable exceptions.
  • Pros: Game saves. Offline multiplayer, especially co-op. Faithfully presented to make even sceptical fans drool.
  • Cons: Unlockables are boring, apart from the nine games. A couple of other genres would have been nice.
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Tekken 6 review

  • Excerpt: What’s not to like? Blend the arcade style gameplay of the classics, some new and improved features and superior visuals - the result; Tekken 6. The hours of entertainment that can be had with the Tekken series is fantastic and Tekken 6 by all means does not fall short.
  • Pros: New features such as the Scenario Campaign and enhanced customization keep the game interesting. Nice visual presentation packs that ‘punch’. A few new faces on the character list. Feels just as good as its predecessors, and is easy for veterans to familiarise themselves with once again. Many of ...
  • Cons: Unfortunately the new story-type game mode is tedious. Online play, particularly with non-local players feels very unresponsive. Is known to cause cursing amongst frustrated players (due to its often challenging nature - which is not necessarily a bad thing).
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