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TNA Impact Wrestling review

  • Excerpt: Midway’s first foray into the ring proves that they have what it takes to mix it with the big boys of wrestling simulations, but they do fall just short of a 3-count.
  • Pros: Nice story mode. Fluid animations, especially in the reversals. Relatively simple controls.
  • Cons: Targeting problems, as usual. Loading screens galore. Lack of women wrestlers. This game just might kill your controller.
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Fable II Pub Games review

  • Excerpt: This Xbox Live Arcade title allows players to earn coin to fund their Fable II adventures ahead of the game's release by playing three mini-games. It's not bad as a bundled freebie, but it struggles to justify its 800 Points (approx. $13) price separately.
  • Pros: Neat graphics. Fortune's Tower is fun.
  • Cons: Spinnerbox and Keystone are dull and uninspiring. No multiplayer. Very easy to lose money. Most gameplay is left up to chance. High price point.
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Street Fighter IV review

  • Excerpt: Capcom returns to the Street Fighter franchise with a remarkably good title. Featuring more than enough to keep loyal fans happy and newcomers addicted, could this be the best Street Fighter ever?
  • Pros: Combat mechanics are the best they have ever been and the game is incredibly accessible with out sacrificing depth. Online, other than a few quibbles, is excellent.
  • Cons: Playing with a controller can be taxing at times, more so on the Xbox 360.
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Dead Rising review

  • Excerpt: A must have for any fan of zombie related violence.
  • Pros: Zombies! Things to hit zombies with! Unarmed combat versus zombies!
  • Cons: Time management is annoying. Could possibly use a little more zombies.
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Forza Motorsport 4 review

  • Excerpt: Forza 4 represents the pinnacle of racing action on the Xbox 360, and actively expands the franchise to a marvellous new level of technical brilliance.
  • Pros: New modes, new cars, new tracks, new tyre physics, new net code and new graphics all combine to build on the successes of the previous title.
  • Cons: Could always be more cars, especially in Auto Vista mode. Two discs to install for the best experience. No Bathurst.
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